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Rose Auslander

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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. “Grey Rose” (from 1987, aged __teen, found in a buried & yellowing notebook)

    Cold grey cement is churned to liquidity
    Poured into a mould
    To set and become firm
    Continuous and solid.
    Time passes
    Feet trample
    Pressure builds
    Bonds break
    Forming cracks
    Fissures in the stone
    Separating parts of the whole
    More cold, liquid grey is added
    With time the cracks appear
    Bigger than before
    Anguish, sorrow, consternation, hate
    Grasses grow filling space
    Spreading as a bridge
    To link broken parts
    As a single rose
    Rises from the green.

  2. This morning, our connections to the world were restored, thank heavens. The street outside our house was still dry, but a huge tree had been uprooted. And when we looked in our backyard, our chimney top was sitting on the grass. Scary, because it was installed after our carbon monoxide outbreak. Rick has now re-attached it to the roof as best he can — and we’re praying the winds will blow more gently.

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