Thomas’ Dream Journal, September 7, 2012

The dreams started that night I stepped on a twig.  I apologized, but the broken pieces didn’t buy it.  When I picked them up, they struggled in my hands.  Without meaning to, even as I told them how sorry I was, I squeezed so hard they began to burn.

It’s too much to carry, that fire in my palms.

That burned into a tree.

That fell into a forest.


6 thoughts on “Thomas’ Dream Journal, September 7, 2012

    • I am not posting anything, Rose .. .just trying to scratch something down in my notebook! haha! But thank you for encouraging me. I’ll keep scribbling!

  1. The apology begins, that slow burn. Beautiful. I’ve been apologizing to the trees since I chopped my first one down for no reason than just to do it. What was I, 12 or so?

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