September 14, 2012

Dear Mom,

Tell Dad I’m sorry. 

Tell him I’m eating, grizzly bear and bearberries.  I’m wearing mukluks, yes, boots, and I’m carrying sleeping bags.  Tell him one of them is orange.  He’ll like that.  Tell him.

Tell him I’m growing into a mountain, hollowing out into a canyon, draining into a river.

Tell him I know he didn’t bring me up to walk barefoot to America, didn’t bring me up to juggle birds in flight, didn’t bring me up to be a tree in the forest that falls when there’s no one there. 




6 thoughts on “September 14, 2012

  1. Hi Debbie — thank you for asking. My younger daughter is about to do a year of wilderness survival here In researching the program, I couldn’t avoid reading this sad story: Thomas had graduated from their program and taught there for a number of years before going to Alaska this past fall and walking out alone into the wild. This is the best I can do to honor him.

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