September 20, 2012: Into White

Yes, I was here, north of Kotzebue

in free fall toward the 20 below

expected that night, praying for that storm

to slingshot me back to last summer,

before I knew I’d freeze to death —

I gathered wood.  I built a teepee.

The forest floor was soft, the leaves evergreen.


Skin dying whiter than the snow trapping me,

yes, I was here, remembering

the bar-tailed godwits in God’s swimming pool

last July.  How they dipped in, climbed out, up

Jacob’s ladder, turning as gold as the sky,

calling down that sometimes the only shot you have

is to let yourself disappear.




4 thoughts on “September 20, 2012: Into White

  1. i like the clear lines, moving imagery and stark beauty of your poem. thank you for sharing it with me today. tony

  2. Thank you, Tony. So glad you stopped by. This April, I’ve been posting a poem a day on this blog, honoringThomas Siebold’s story for National Poetry Month — it’s beautiful to get this feedback at the halfway point today.

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