A Little Northwest Hospitality

Here in Kotzebue

come May, when it begins

to thaw, the sea ice

walks up our front steps, pushes

through our locked doors

into our living rooms,

parks itself down,

watches TV.

Last year, it got a good laugh from a Sears ad

featuring self-defrosting refrigerators.

This year, when the ice comes

I’m opening the doors wide,

setting out a meal.

Fish, mainly.

And leaving a chair waiting

in case it chooses

to bring Thomas along.


4 thoughts on “A Little Northwest Hospitality

  1. I’m loving these, Rose, and also there is a sadness always present in them. That’s not bad! It’s good how you can evoke emotion like you do, subtly.

  2. Thank you, Debbie — very helpful to hear! Alaska is amazing, dangerous, sometimes bringing sadness. In Kotzebue, ice from the thawing ocean really does come into some of the houses in the spring.

  3. Funny about your friend who hopes to retire to Hawaii! No, I haven’t been to Alaska, but I’ve become fascinated with it over this past month, researching Thomas’ story. Would love to go sometime, if I can.

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