The Man Named Thomas Siebold

There is always some truth

somewhere, if you can find it.

Thomas went looking.

He left Germany to circle the woods and rivers of Wisconsin

to be a seeker among seekers,

to teach others to open their eyes

while he flew up to the frozen woods and rivers of Alaska

to forage alongside the hungry bears

before hybernation.


He promised his friends he would walk from the cabin in Ulaneak

down to Kobuk,

and he would fly home.

On November 10, 2012, his plane headed south

with an empty seat.


Those who searched his borrowed cabin by the river

found his heavy parka, his guns, his dream

journals, his unfinished

letters, a map with a hole

where the north passes to Noatak

should have been.


In Kotzebue, they say come June,

the thaw will free him,

wherever he has frozen.

This is true.

It may not be the truth

he was looking for.


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