At the Dong Cheng Factory

Dong Cheng’s apparels are specially made to bring out the confidence, curvy lines, arrogance and joyfulness of its buyer.


Slide the denim. Position the pocket. Stitch the lines.

Position.          Stitch.            Thread

indigo into sunrise, noon, afternoon,

10 years, 30 years, 50 stitches a second,

a star on every pocket, the southern cross

of night arriving, nebula spreading thin, the

milky way of night leaving, flying

from Koala Lumpur. Not coming back down.


4 thoughts on “At the Dong Cheng Factory

  1. I read this earlier, Rose, and was impacted. I had to wait awhile and ask if there is something more meaningful I could do this month, rather than the piddly poo I might try to scratch out to say I wrote a poem a day. I just am speechless, knowing what you did last year during this time and now another month of dedicated poems. You are something else, something wonderful. I hope to write little poems to your poems and leave them here in the comment section. Here’s today’s . . .

    She slides into
    the gray threaded seat
    bright eyes shining
    a stitch in time.

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