Pilot’s Log

Hot night. Heavy plane. 227 passengers. 12 crew. Smooth take-off. Routine “Good night.”

Spark. Flying dark. Get this machine down. Airports ahead, airports behind. Palau Langkawi. Safest bet. Turn.

Smoke, smoke, smoke hood won’t last. Breathe shallow. Low oxygen starves fire–climb. 45,000 feet. Smoke. Breathe shallow. Dive to extinguish fire. 25,000 feet. Smoke.  Go

automatic pilot. Get this machine to Paulau Langkawi. 227 passengers. 12 crew. Stay conscious. Stay conscious. Stay


One thought on “Pilot’s Log

  1. Thank you, Rose, for helping us care and pray deeper with each days poem. You are taking me on an unexpected journey . .. a harder but needed one.

    Keeps recording
    what he desperately wants to convey
    in person.

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