Those Who Will Not Be Found

Bluefin 21 is not blue. It has no fins. It looks

like a big, yellow bomb


with a beanie on top. It looks

for Flight 370 in the South Indian Ocean, diving down


14,800 feet. The South Indian Ocean is 15,000 feet deep.

Below the Bluefin, the dead plane


ferries 227 ghost passengers and 12 ghost crew

in their sea bed. Bound for a soft landing


in the black marsh at the center

of us all.


2 thoughts on “Those Who Will Not Be Found

  1. I saw that Bluefin 21 and you described it perfectly.The ending of this poem makes me ache. That means you are doing a great job! 🙂

    No way to leave
    a trail of breadcrumbs

    she pulls loose threads
    from her seat

    watching them float up
    while she plummets.

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