I’m Rose Auslander, and this is my poetry blog.   I’m a writer, a lawyer, and an editor of Folded Word Press, and live in Brooklyn with my husband and daughters.  A United States Figure Skating Association gold medalist (and former professional dancer), when I’m not writing, I love to skate with my family.  I’m Chair of Mentoring for the Copyright Society of the USA, and author of the upcoming memoir, A Pencil on the Ceiling, about surviving law school while pregnant and then while caring for my infant daughter.   An excerpt about trying to study while nursing a two-month old was published by MOM Egg — it’s called Unravelling, and you can find it in Volume 8, here.

Also visit my home blog at http://roseauslander.wordpress.com  My law school baby has just graduated college — on that blog, I’m giving updates on trying to prepare an apartment in our house — and ourselves.  I also mull over other parenting issues . . .

This poetry blog is dedicated to the memory of my great, great-uncle, the poet Joseph Auslander, the first Poet Laureate of the United States.  I think he’d be proud to know that on April 5, 2011, a couple of other Folded Word poets and I read parts of our On a Narrow Windowsill anthology on NPR.   Click here for the NPR clip.   

I am honored that my poem For You, Mothers, at Literary Lunchroom, was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and that my poem “Oh My” was nominated for Best of the Net: Click for YouTube video.  Orange Alert Press noted my Pic Fic micro-story, “Meant for Each Other,” on its Watch list (see also Innoculation  and Short, Fast, and Deadly ). 

I am a Regular Contributor to Referential Magazine, which published my short stories Dear Dad and The Gull, as well as my poems New Year’s Rush , Maybe , NaCl, This ,   Breaking , and What Can You Expect?  I have new poems in the Red Dirt Review and at Right Hand Pointing:  Postcard  and Des Moines.  Having walked by Occupy Wall Street on my way to work and back every day, I’m also proud to support it with this poem, at cur.ren.cy.  And for more peaceful thoughts, visit Miriam’s Well, running my poem “La Posada”   🙂

My poems “Hurricane Irene” and “New Again” are in the Dead Mule and my “Orange Alert” (scroll down) appears in Cyclamens and Swords.  Writers’ Bloc has just archived my poem with them, Naked on Film.

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