Poem Shares

 I’ve scattered a poem or two  around   and workshopped a few on Jessie Carty’s blog.

 Would love to hear any thoughts and other poems you may wish to share  🙂

Here’s my draft of the day:


Stop Grinning
You, sitting there
in an easy chair
that isn’t even in this room.
For heaven’s sake,
can’t you sit somewhere else?
And take that old wreck with you —
its black leather seat cracked,
its true color showing through.
But anyway, you?
The last time I saw you,
I was forty-two, the girls
six and three.
Now, I’m fifty-four,
and I’d like to see a few more,
so stop grinning.
Stop twinkling those blue eyes.
You’re not charming me.
I warn you,
These sheets are finely woven
thread on thread
like satin. 
They will not let
my soul slip through.
I may be ill
but I’m not going anywhere
with you.

Earlier poem:

Afraid of myself

Swimming overland to Canada,

following a trail of broken cookies,

every kind I’ve ever baked for comfort —

chocolate chip, oatmeal, snickerdoodle,

they all seem to have something to say,

but all I can hear 

are their sighs, as I bite down

swallowing myself

back into the earth, spinning

into an old submarine,

whispering “Help!”

while the commander warns me

I’m out of my depth.

I tell him I’m not afraid of water.


5 thoughts on “Poem Shares

  1. hmm…i really like surreal work but on my first reading i wasn’t sure if i liked the poem then i realized i had not actually read the title (i am SOO bad about that) and then I realized – yes- i love it! great work 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Jessie!!! No worries, I’d been writing a lot, just didn’t send anything out for a while — some fun recent acceptances though. Stay tuned 🙂

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